May 28, 2012

Grilled Chicken and Paneer - Part 2

Check out the previous post on how to marinate. Now that you have the paneer ready, prepare to skewer it before grilling. Chop some onions and peppers into squares. Then carefully skewer a few pieces as in the following pictures.

Finally time to grill! Preheat to about 300F. Put the skewers and chicken on the grill and allow to cook. Serve with some margaritas!

May 21, 2012

Grilled Chicken and Paneer - Part 1

This is a rather long process - and you must marinate the day before to get it right! In this first part we prepare the marinate and in the second part we will grill.

You need the masalas - tandoori chicken and tikka sheekh kabab (used in today's post). Another one is bihari kabab and there are others too. We prefer the Shan brand but you can check what is in your local Indian store. In  a small pan warm a few spoonfuls of butter. Once melted you can turn off the stove. Add the masala, garlic paste and ginger paste and mix well. Finally add some yogurt and mix into a smooth paste.

Tandoori Chicken

Tikka Sheekh Kabab


Thaw out some chicken - we prefer chicken tenders but you can do breasts or drumsticks too. For the paneer carefully cut into squares. Make sure they are big enough to allow a skewer to go through without breaking up. Put the chicken and paneer into gallon zip lock bags. Mix and match the flovors with chicken and paneer - add the marinate, zip and set in the fridge! Allow atleast 10-12 hours before grilling - see the next post!

May 16, 2012

Sambar and Dosa

Sambar and dosa are popular south Indian dishes. To make the Sambar - which is a like dal (lentil soup), start with the dal and then add lauki - which is a zuccini/squash cousin.

Set it to pressure cook for 10mins or so. In the meantime prepare the sambar mix to add. You need some tamarind - either use the fresh one or you can use a paste. Mix with some water, add the sambar masala and let it sit for few minutes.

Fine chop some onion and tomatoes. In a pot add some olive oil and add mustard seeds in the oil for less than a minute. Then add the onions stir until golden brown. Add the tomatoes and let it simmer. Then add the tamarind and sambar masala mix to it.

For the last step to complete the sambar, mix in the cooked dal from the pressure cooker!

Dosa - mix rice flour in water to make a liquid dough. Spread out on a pan - make sure to cool it by sprinkling some water. If pan is hot then it cooks too fast and burns!

Finally serve with rice, dosa and some coconut chutney!