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December 19, 2012

Mutter Panner

Finely chop red onions and tomatoes. Prepare the curry by first cooking the onion with olive oil until brown. Then add the tomatoes and spices - haldi, salt, garam masala and chili.

Cut paneer into cube. You can fry the paneer too (separately) if you wish but you can reduce some oil by just adding in the paneer to the gravy. Add some frozen peas as well. Gently stir for few minutes until the peas are cooked.

March 31, 2011

Aloo Mutter

That is potatoes (aloo) and peas (mutter) as a dish that is without gravy. Start with steamed potatoes in the microwave for 10mins.

Heat some olive oil (or another type you prefer) and put some cumin seeds in the oil. Once roasted, throw in the potatoes and add the spices - salt, haldi, chilli and some garam masala.

Steam some frozen peas in the microwave for 2mins and add them to the mix!

Ready with the some aloo+mutter!