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April 15, 2013

Corn Tortillas

Home made corn tortillas!


  • Maseca (corn flour) found in any Mexican store
  • Water
  • Tortiadora-Tortilla maker (found at any Mexican store/flea market)

Add Masa  to a container (1 cup approx 3 small tortillas).

Add water until dough is soft and malleable in your hands.

Make plastic covers for the Tortiadora (tortilla maker). You may use a plastic bag.

Make small balls and place them on top of the plastic inside the Tortiadora.

Press firmly until flattened.

Cook in a flat pan (comal).

Let one side cook thoroughly before flipping over.

Flip over until puffed.

Store in aluminum or cloth towel.

Enjoy with tinga or any of our other taco fillings or as a burrito!

November 27, 2012


Chop the ingredients and then stir fry tomato, onion, chili.(the egg plant and potatoes here are for a different recipe!)

Add the calabazitas (zucchini) and cover and cook until they are soft. Serve as a side dish and add lime before serving and eat with tortillas.