November 27, 2012


Chop the ingredients and then stir fry tomato, onion, chili.(the egg plant and potatoes here are for a different recipe!)

Add the calabazitas (zucchini) and cover and cook until they are soft. Serve as a side dish and add lime before serving and eat with tortillas.

November 19, 2012

Eggplant Aloo

This is aloo (potatoes) with baigan (eggplant). Chop the ingredients (ignore the zucchini, for a different recipe!)

Cook the potatoes in a microwave for 7-9mins.

In the meantime, prepare the eggplant mix, pan fry some chopped onion and add the tomatoes. Add some cumin seeds in olive oil and add to the mix. Add chilli, heeng which an essential flavor and salt to taste.

Move to a deep pot, add the eggplant and cover to cook. Mash it to make a nice even mix. Finally add the potatoes and allow the flavor to settle in!

November 7, 2012


Something to sweeten your day - main ingredients - eggs, condensed milk, evaporated milk, regular milk and sugar! Before anything else set to pre-heat your oven to 375F

Prepare the mix - In a blender add eggs, vanilla (home made!), milk, condensed and evaporated milk.

Prepare the caramelized sugar then pour into a Pyrex pan ready for the oven!